Remote Student and Learning Support

None of us are untouched by the current Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges it presents.  Globally it is impacting everyone on one level or another and in these uncertain times we would like to take the opportunity to reassure our students, education partners and stakeholders that our services continue. 

We’d like to update you on how we have successfully moved all our services to working in a remote way and although this may not be the ideal scenario for all our supported individuals, we are working hard to ensure that support is accessible and maintained wherever possible.

So, what have we achieved in the past three weeks?

Our Students 

We acknowledge that this period of time will be potentially distressing for our students due to the significant uncertainty associated with the changes that universities and colleges are having to make. Some courses and universities are continuing to deliver teaching and we are supporting students to access resources online and continue their learning support remotely in whatever format is most appropriate to them. Many students have embraced remote, online support, and this will continue to be available as required. For those students who are less certain about changes to their academic course at this stage, we urge you to keep in touch with your support consultant.

Other Supported Learners  

Our Apprentice learners continue to receive learning support where they remain on their programme, and remote support is offered for Access to Work support. Of course, we are well aware that there is plenty of disruption in the workplace with reduced and furloughed staff being a feature.

Support Consultants

Our team of committed Support Consultants have moved to delivering support remotely via a number of online platforms including video conferencing, document sharing sites, and telephone support. Our Consultants are highly experienced and qualified to support individuals during these times and are doing everything to accommodate individual’s chosen support method. We are keeping our Consultants up to date with top tips for remote support, and other key information via a weekly bulletin.

Assessment Centre’s, Universities and Other Education Partners

All lines of communication remain open with our team and we encourage our partners and education connections to keep in touch. We are here to support in whatever way possible during these uncertain times. 

Head Office Team 

Our entire head office team moved smoothly to working remotely from home and our telephone lines remain open to all enquiries. We are operating daily video conference meetings with our team to ensure everybody is kept up to date and aware of any changes in circumstances for our students and our support activities.


Message from Directors Graham Coiley and Paul Wood

“We are delighted to be able to maintain a good level of specialist learning support for our student learners through this unsettling period. Although remote support is different, it can still be a great help in accessing learning, managing academic life, and keeping disabled students on track with their studies”