At Amano we support students with disabilities in achieving their goals with specialist Non-Medical Help (NMH) services. Our consultants help break down barriers to learning for their students every day, helping them fulfil their goals in education, the workplace and in life. Offering roles that cover every level of flexibility from part-time to full-time with growing and in-demand services, does Amano sound like a team you would like to be part of? Check out our current open positions below.

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What is Non-Medical Help (NMH)?

NMH is the term used to describe support workers who provide services to students with disabilities.  Any student with a mental health problem, long term illness or any other disability can access the Government’s Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA). This fund covers any NMH support a student may need in order to undertake their course.

  • Note takers / scribes
  • Proof-readers
  • Mentors
  • IT training
  • Study skills support
  • British Sign Language interpreters (BSL)
  • Tactile BSL
  • Mobility support

“It’s great to work at a university that I am a former student of; to relate to the students more. Amano is very supportive and I also love the regular CPD and coffee morning opportunities!”

Nikitta Chard-Hall

Amano NMH Consultant

Who is Amano?

For more than a decade, Amano has built a solid reputation as the go-to NMH provider for students in higher education. Amano provides specialist one-to-one support such as study skills and specialist mentoring. Amano’s consultants take a personal approach when working with their mentees, which means a hassle-free arrangement for all involved, focusing on the student and their personal outcomes, above all. 

A job that matters

Working for Amano, you have the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life, doing work that makes a difference and feels rewarding.

Students experiencing barriers to their learning are able to achieve their full potential with the right support from a specialist NMH consultant.

Flexible work to suit your lifestyle

At Amano there are roles to suit everyone from part-time, remote work to full-time, in-person work, as well as many long-term career opportunities with increasing development and training requirements.

If you are still studying yourself or a recent graduate you could even get a job that means you stay on campus and continue to enjoy your existing lifestyle, by working with Amano.

Professional development alongside colleagues.

Amano offers all of its consultants Continued Professional Development (CPD) on topical inclusivity themes facing society (and particularly students) today, such as mental health, hate crime awareness and identity psychology. Amano consultants are also regularly invited to meetups for peer-to-peer networking within the team.

This ensures Amano Consultants are always on the pulse of what is happening in the world of student life and you would feel confident to deliver high quality support in your role.

Digital support system

Our digital systems include e-signatures and e-invoicing to minimise your admin time.

We also have an inhouse developed student mobile app that enables learners to monitor remaining support hours, approve timesheets, view their DSA documents and more – again making management of your admin and students’ sessions quicker and simpler.

Consider a job with purpose

Download our complete brochure for an overview of career options available at Amano as well as the benefits. Still interested in finding out more? Contact us at with your CV. 

Current open positions at Amano

Find your purpose at Amano

If you are interested in any of the below positions, please contact us at with your CV. 

University Notetakers – Bristol and Langford

View the full job description by clicking here

Study Assistant – Bristol

View the full job description by clicking here. 

Specialist Mentor (Autistic Spectrum Disorder – ASD) – Egham, Bristol, South Wales and Bath

View the full job description by clicking here

Specialist One-to-One Study Skills (Autistic Spectrum) – Egham, Bristol, South Wales and Bath

View the full job description by clicking here.

Specialist One to One Study Skills Support Tutor (SpLD) – Plymouth

View the full job description by clicking here. 


If you would like to register your interest in joining our network of support consultants, and for an informal discussion, please contact our head office team on 01822 600060 or email: 

Mandatory Qualification Criteria

All Amano Learning Support Consultants are required to meet certain mandatory qualification criteria and/or have professional body membership

Please see the DfE Guidance Document.

We are recruiting University Notetakers

Why join Team Amano?

      • Competitive hourly pay rate.
      • Inclusive and supportive work environment collaborating with like-minded professionals.
      • Regular CPD e.g. Assistive Technology, disability and best practice.
      • Streamlined digital systems with e-signatures and e-invoicing to minimise admin time.
      • Student app that enables learners to monitor remaining support hours, approve timesheets, view their DSA documents and more.