Welcome to Amano Apprentice Learning Support Series

Following an 18 month period of research into the market, and gaining an increased understanding into how apprentice learners with LDDs can be supported during their apprenticeship programme we have identified a need to help providers increase their apprenticeship offering by working with a specialist provider of disability support.

This series has been developed to help training providers understand how they can implement apprentice learning support with an external support provider as a part of the apprenticeship programme offering.

In this series we discuss the following:


  • what is apprentice learning support and the importance of including it as part of a programme offering
  • a guided process into how you can progress an learner through the support process from start to finish
  • the different types of support that are available
  • how support operates like in practice
  • the government funding streams available to and how to access these funds
  • the benefits of working with a specialist disability support provider

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How to arrange Learning Support

Setting up support is a straightforward and easy process. Simply get in touch with our team and we can discuss your needs in more detail.